Nanaimo & Victoria BC Vermiculite Removal

Play it safe Though vermiculite is not necessarily harmful by itself, some brands of vermiculite insulation contain asbestos fibres. If you’re planning a renovation that may disturb vermiculite insulation in attics or wall cavities, you may be at risk and need vermiculite remediation.

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What is vermiculite?

Like asbestos, vermiculite is also a naturally occurring mineral with various properties that are advantageous to the construction industry.

The main property that makes vermiculite so attractive is its ability to handle very high heat. More importantly, when vermiculite reaches extreme temperatures, it simply changes state rather than combusting. This makes vermiculite an excellent material for insulation, and it can be commonly found in attics or wall cavities throughout Nanaimo, Victoria, and Vancouver Island.

Is vermiculite considered a health risk?

Alone, vermiculite has not been shown to be a health risk. However, some brands of vermiculite insulation contain asbestos fibres, which we know can cause serious health concerns if inhaled.

In general, as long as asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation remains undisturbed, and does not become airborne, there is no cause for concern. However, if you are planning a renovation or construction project that may disturb the vermiculite insulation, you will need to take precautions.

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When it comes to renovations in older homes, it's always better to play it safe. Don't take risks with vermiculite.