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Cleaning with care Pro Pacific Hazmat can help recover residential or commercial properties on Vancouver Island where an excessive accumulation of items or animals has created a hazardous environment.

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Our long history serving Nanaimo and Victoria BC residents with high quality hazmat services makes Pro Pacific Hazmat Ltd. a trusted choice to remediate the hazardous side-effects that can thrive within a hoarding environment.

Commonly-associated side-effects within hoarding environments include the presence of structural damage, mold spores, and other biological contaminants (such as animal waste).

Safety concerns can arise from something as simple as stacks of newspapers, which cause a potential fire hazard, to boxes piled up so high that it would be difficult to quickly exit the property during an emergency. Even more alarming, these unhealthy and unsafe living conditions can multiply if another disaster were to occur, such as a fire or flood.

If you need to remediate a residential or commercial property where an excessive accumulation of items has created concerns, contact us at 250.585.3997 to arrange for an assessment.

Please note: We offer substantial experience within the field of hazardous material remediation, but cannot provide counselling or social services for those dealing with excessive hoarding issues.

The act of hoarding can cause significant health issues, both directly and indirectly related to the hoarding itself. Pro Pacific Hazmat can safely remove hazardous materials and remediate and recover your property.

Getting started

Dealing with an excessive hoarding situation can be overwhelming, but small actions can make big changes. Here are a few basic tips on how to get started.

Assess the severity

Assess the severity

Before attempting to remediate the situation, step back and assess the severity. If there are biological contaminants present, such as mold or animal waste, don’t risk exposing yourself to health hazards. Contact our team to provide an assessment and options on how to proceed.

Ask for help

Ask for help

If you are worried about a hoarding issue, whether your own or concerning someone you know, ask for help. Hoarding can become a serious problem and does not have to be dealt with alone. Reach out to friends, family, and professional services to address the issue.

Get started

Get started

We understand that cleaning up can become an overwhelming situation – but it needs to begin somewhere. If your space does not have any mold or other biological issues, you may consider looking at our de-cluttering tips for some ideas on where to start.

Tips to declutter

Small actions can make big changes happen. Listed below are a few steps you can take towards removing the clutter and chaos from your space.

Delegate Time. Every day, try to set aside 15 minutes to do a little de-cluttering. Choose a place to start and set a timer.

Donate. Recycle, donate, or dispose of anything that hasn’t been used or touched in over a year.

Only Handle it Once. When sorting and arranging your items, try to follow the principle of OHIO: Only Handle It Once! Pick an item up and make a decision immediately about where it lives. If it doesn’t have a purpose or a place, you probably don’t need it around.

Sort. Filter through all mail and newspapers on the day you receive them, and immediately recycle as much as possible. Junk mail and fliers will soon be out of date and create unnecessary clutter.

One In, Two Out. Before you bring any one new item into your space, donate or sell two items to make room and prevent more clutter.

Please note: we understand that every hoarding situation is unique, so the below tips are only provided as basic suggestions. If cleaning up is too overwhelming, don’t let the clutter continue to pile up.

Phone 250.585.3997 or use our contact page to arrange for discreet and thorough remediation.

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